114 Clay & Connection

David FlohrDavid Flohr • Thursday All Day
Clay is the raw substrate of creation; the dense, earthy matter from which our human form emerged. Touching, smoothing, and molding its damp solidity puts us in touch with something primal about ourselves and our existence. In this workshop, we’ll evoke our creativity through the medium of clay, combined with guided visualizations and small-group work. We’ll work in silence and to a slow, steady, and sensuous rhythm. Those who wish may then join a “centering circle” and engage with others in facilitated energy work before moving back to the clay, then to the circle, and back again to the clay. This will elicit a natural ebb and flow between an inward, creative focus and outward, synchronic connection with others.

David Flohr, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in the self-development of the parent, has facilitated process-oriented clinical groups for 25 years. He teaches studio art at the Art League School in Old Town Alexandria.

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