111 The Practice of Joy

Daniel LevenDaniel Leven • Thursday All Day
More and more, therapists are discovering the value of helping their clients tap a broad range of positive emotions to enhance and revitalize the ability to enjoy life. This workshop is designed to help you discover the power of joy. We’ll engage in creative exercises, movements, and dance steps that free the body, rouse the spirits, and awaken the mind. We’ll move and dance to infectious Latin rhythms, pulsing African beats, and wild Balkan melodies—music that enlivens the right hemisphere (conceptual, holistic, intuitive, imaginative, nonverbal), evokes the limbic brain (emotional life), engages the mirror neurons (perception and action), and stimulates the cerebellum (mind and body information processing and coordination). All fitness levels are welcome, and absolutely no dance experience is necessary. Invigorate your body and mind—and burn calories in the process. Learn the power of joy as a daily practice and positive tool to revitalize and reenergize.

Daniel Leven, R.S.M.T., is founder and director of Leven Institute for Expressive Movement and a faculty member at Hartford Family Institute’s professional training program in Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy.

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