110 Finding Your Voice

Dana LaCroixDana LaCroix • Thursday All Day
Singing, one of the earliest forms of communication, isn’t just an outlet for emotion, it’s a unique expression of who we are. In this workshop, we’ll explore how singing can lead to a stronger sense of self and a renewed ability to connect authentically with others. We’ll begin with physical warm-ups and theater games to help break the ice and create a feeling of intimacy within the group. Using gospel, folk, popular, and musical-theater songs, we’ll experiment with group singing, harmonies, call and response, rhythm, and simple choreography, immersing ourselves in joyful emotional expression. Participants who wish to will have the opportunity to sing individually in a safe, supportive atmosphere to further experience the creative self-empowerment of singing.

Dana LaCroix is a professional singer, songwriter, and critically acclaimed recording and touring artist. She’s written songs for feature films, been director of music at the New Drama School in Copenhagen, and worked as a vocal coach at the Danish Academy of Music.

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