108 Renewing Spiritual Growth

Richard BrownPatricia GerbargRichard Brown & Patricia Gerbarg • Thursday All Day
Even though you may have spent years doing yoga, meditation, and contemplative prayer, it’s common to occasionally feel stalled in your spiritual journey. This session is designed to help you relight the old fire, reactivate your practice, and restore your sense that your inward journey is moving forward. It will draw from neurobiological research showing that the human nervous system, like emotional and spiritual development, shifts in stages. In this workshop, you’ll explore a variety of more advanced meditations and practices—slow and fast breathing, “breathing into nothingness,” visualizations, body-scans, open-focus meditation, “every-minute Zen,” and Qigong, among others. You’ll discover approaches that can help you cross the threshold of your life’s next adventure.

Richard Brown, M.D., an associate clinical professor in psychiatry at Columbia University, is certified to teach Aikido, Qigong, and yoga.  He’s coauthored more than 100 articles, chapters, and books, including The Healing Power of Breath.

Patricia Gerbarg, M.D., assistant clinical professor in psychiatry at New York Medical College, coauthored Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD and How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health.

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