107 Five Stages of Creativity

Lisa MitchellLisa Mitchell • Thursday All Day
Spend the day getting lost in the flow of art—and in the art of therapy. This fun, hands-on workshop will immerse you in easily accessible art experiences (including drawing, collage, and mixed media) that emphasize the parallels between therapy and art. You’ll explore and become familiar with the Five Stages of Creativity: Incubation, which requires anxiety tolerance as you search for an entryway; the Initial Idea, that Aha! moment; Diving In, a daily test of courage and faith as you continue to work; Flexible Commitment, as you revise and change, while remaining constant to the work; and Flow, full engagement in the work. You’ll learn why creativity is an essential counseling skill, how burnout is actually a form of artist’s block, and how partnering with your natural creativity can inspire your practice anew.

Lisa Mitchell, M.F.T., A.T.R., a registered art therapist, is the owner and director of The Art Therapy Studio. Her forthcoming book is Bold Bursts of Creative Inspiration: Partner with Your Creativity and Be an Even Better Therapist or Coach.

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