105 Improving Your Memory

John ArdenJohn Arden • Thursday All Day
If you’re worried about your memory (and who isn’t), there’s good news: the more we understand about how the brain functions, the more techniques we have to improve and increase our memory. This will be a fun day that brings together principles of brain science with participatory exercises that will keep your memory in tip-top shape for everything from remembering names and faces to keeping on track when speaking in public. You’ll learn (and remember!) how memories are formed, the difference between implicit and explicit memory, how the senses are linked to memory, and how to tweak your diet and exercise routines to strengthen memory. We’ll explore and rehearse a variety of cognitive exercises and techniques (including visualization, use of novelty, and “chunking”) to keep memories from fading, organize them in your mind, and maintain easy access to both the memories of a lifetime and the details of everyday life.

John Arden, Ph.D., Kaiser Permanente’s director of training in the Mental Health Division of the Northern California Region, is the coauthor of the Brain-Based Therapy book series and author of Improving Your Memory for Dummies.

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