104 Know Thy Face

Diane Poole HellerDiane Poole Heller • Thursday All Day
The human face is a marvelously expressive instrument—an elaborate and intricate system of neural networks and small facial muscles, which evolved to communicate a vast range of human emotions and mind states. Yet not only are many of us—therapists included—largely unaware of what our faces are “saying,” but we go through life unconsciously trying to protect ourselves by hiding behind a tight jaw, blank eyes, muscle constrictions, and a frown and misinterpreting others’ expressions. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the neuroscience research on emotion and how it’s reflected in our faces. We’ll then engage in exercises drawn from Somatic Experiencing to become aware of our own habitual facial constrictions and expand our capacity for full facial expression that’s more congruent with what we’re actually feeling. You’ll leave with an enhanced capacity to freely express and convey through your face what’s going on behind your face.

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., an expert in Somatic Experiencing, developed the Somatic Attachment training called DARe: Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning experience. She’s the author of Crash Course: A Self-Healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma & Recovery.


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