102 Re-enchantment of Life

Rubin NaimanRubin Naiman • Thursday All Day
While we tend to think of night dreaming and daytime waking states as mutually exclusive, both are expressions of the same consciousness. In fact, dreaming doesn’t just happen during nightly REM periods—it takes place throughout the day. If tapped into, this everyday dream energy offers a wondrous and accessible form of perception that reveals the sacred in all being. In this workshop, we’ll explore the six dimensions of night dreaming, integrating the emerging science of REM sleep with the ancient spiritual tradition of dreamwork. Through journaling, physical movement, and other practical and playful exercises, you’ll experience the continuity between waking and dreaming, and explore different dream states—waking dreams, creative dreaming, lucid dreaming, healing dreams. You’ll leave with an expanded sense of self and the richness of life, as well as new skills for ameliorating depression and anxiety in your clients’ lives.

Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., is the sleep and dream specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. His books include Healing Night and Healthy Sleep, with Andrew Weil.

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