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Our Fear of Change: Resistance Is Built into Our Evolutionary Wiring
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Emotion in the Consulting Room
The Shape of Things to Come

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Being There: Waking Up from a Virtual Life

A Conversation with Tara Brach

Rich Simon

By Rich Simon We’ve all become so used to getting our needs for information and social life met online–email, videos, ipods, skype–that we sometimes forget how irreplaceable the actual experience of direct human-to-human contact really is. Although we’re as fond of the lulling pleasures of cocooning as the next couple, one evening a couple of weeks ago, my wife Jette and I did something very old-fashioned.

A New Ballgame: Adapting to the Changing Rules of Psychotherapy

Perhaps the only certainty in life if that there are no certainties, and few understand that better than those of us working in the field of psychotherapy. We’ve witnessed the surge of designer drugs being marketed directly to the public, coped with the declining number of clients pursuing long-form talk therapy, and argued with insurance companies that are becoming less and less willing to cover the number of sessions that many clients need.

Top 5 Children & Adolescents Symposium Workshops

By many reports, today’s children are struggling with record levels of anxiety, depression, and behavior disorders. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, one in 10 children suffer from emotional disturbances, at any given time. Ominously, suicide has become the third leading cause of death for people in the 15-24 age range.

In Search of a Tribe: The Plight of Today’s Psychotherapist

By Rich Simon Most of the therapists I speak with these days—both those brand new to the profession and the old pros who still nostalgically recall the pre-Managed Care era—seem to feel a lot like Gary Lockwood, the untethered spaceman in the great, prophetic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Top 5 Trauma Workshops at the 2013 Symposium

At this year’s Symposium, we’re excited to be offering several workshops especially devoted to the  latest developments in trauma treatments. Here are the top 5 trauma workshops; which ones are you most eager to check out?

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  1. Edie Savage-Weeks says:

    I am having trouble locating the cost of the symposium. What is the cost?

  2. PsychotherapyNetworker Support says:

    Hi Edie,

    Click on this link to find out pricing information:


    PN Support

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