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  • 0 NP0008 The Great Attachment DebateNP0008, Attachment, Session 2, Jerome Kagan 08.17.2011 13:15
    Thank you Dr. Kagan! One of the ideas that appeals to me most that you offered is that we are not trapped by our early childhood experiences into disfunctional relationships. New theraputic experiences can alter client response those early experiences. I like the hopeful edge that offers.
    Yours, Walter Mehring
  • 0 NP0008 The Great Attachment DebateNP0008, Attachment, Session 1, Alan Sroufe 08.10.2011 13:19
    Thank you Alan and Rick. The big piece I see from this in couples therapy, then, is the importance of our connecting in a strongly attached responsive relationship with our client couples. Then, to use that connection to help the couple respond to each other in a similar way. I think we can easily get so wrapped up in attempting to alleviate a couple's distress, that we neglect the first part of the equation, and as a result, don't connect well enough to have an impact.

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