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Couples, Session 5, Michele Weiner-Davis


Welcome to the fifth session in Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow. In this session with Michele Weiner-Davis, a leading expert on divorce and couples therapy, she’ll go over a step-by-step approach to helping couples heal from infidelities.

She’ll explore how to deal with intense emotions in sessions, how much to encourage partners’ disclosure of the details of the affair, how to help couples rebuild trust, and how to help couples in which affairs are ongoing.

Please take a few moments after the session to reflect on what you’ve learned, share relevant experiences, or ask any questions. We encourage you to take the time to comment and to respond to other participants’ comments as a way of further engaging in the material and with each other.

07.05.2011   Posted In: NP006 Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow   By Psychotherapy Networker
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