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Motivating the Reluctant Male Client


Achieving Leverage with Resistant Men

Every couples therapist knows that men are often dragged kicking and screaming into therapy by their partners. But how do you work with a client who doesn’t want to be there in the first place?

In the clip below, Terry Real, the founder of the Relational Life Institute, explains how he achieves “leverage” with reluctant male clients and how that fits with his idea about the typical dynamics of troubled couples. If you’ve never heard Terry present on his innovative approach that challenges many of the conventions of traditional couples work, you have a treat in store for you. Just click here or on the video below:

To get more information about the complete Networker webcast series, “Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to Know,”, including interviews with Esther Perel, David Wexler, Pat Love and Terry, among others, just click here.

Engaging Men In Therapy:
Everything Clinicians Need to Know

Starts Tuesday, June 5th

Click here for full course details.

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Overcoming Resistance in Male Clients with Terry Real


Men in Therapy: NP0020 - Session 2

Learn how to get through to resistant male clients by avoiding the potential pitfalls of therapeutic neutrality. Renowned family therapist Terry Real, the founder of the Relational Life Institute, explores how to deal with male clients by highlighting the negative consequences of their resistance, and challenging them to change their behavior by “joining through the truth.”

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NP006, Couples, Session 2, Terry Real


Welcome to the second session in Couples Therapy Today and Tomorrow—“The New Rules of 21st-Century Marriage: Toughness, Truth, and Tenderness” with relationship and gender expert Terry Real.

In this session, he’ll discuss how to help couples develop the skills necessary to achieve the high level of connection and emotional intimacy that many desire. He’ll go over how to deal with the differences between what men and women bring to relationships, how to identify that strategies that disrupt relationships, how to present blunt truths, and much more.

We encourage you to use the Comment Board as a way to engage with each other and the presenters in this course, to share what you felt was most interesting, to ask any questions you may have, and to reflect on what you’ve learned. What was most relevant for you in this session with Terry Real?

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