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Healing the Angry Brain with Ron Potter-Efron


The Emotion Revolution: NP0023 – Session 5

Dealing with an angry client can be a frustrating roadblock in therapy. Learn from Ron Potter-Efron, author of Healing The Angry Brain, about different types of anger, how to assess coping strategies for your client, and how to use those powerful emotions to the benefit of both the therapist and client. After the session, please let us know what you think.

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Helping Clients with Anger Problems


How to Create a Brain-Change Plan with Angry Clients

How can you help angry clients calm themselves—and maintain your own equilibrium—both in and out of therapy?

Clinical psychologist Ron Potter-Efron says that understanding the principles of neuroplasticity can help both you and your clients better deal with anger and reactivity. Check out this clip to discover how knowing about brain function can help your clients who have anger issues.

Ron Potter-Efron, Ph.D., a clinical psychotherapist, is co-owner of First Things First Counseling and Consulting and director of its Anger Management Center. He’s the author of Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism, Angry All the Time, and Healing the Angry Brain.

What are some techniques you use in therapy when clients get angry, or when you find yourself becoming angry? Let us know.

The Emotion Revolution:
Harnessing Mind, Body and Soul in the Consulting Room

Starts Wednesday, July 25th

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