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When Therapy Stalls: A master therapist discusses what to do, what not to do, and a practical approach that works


How to Handle the Issue of Progress Before it Becomes a Therapy Crisis

Don’t wait till you get bored. Don’t wait till drastic action seems to be the only option. Act as soon as you sense that a client’s progress is leveling off or slipping backwards.

See how Bill Doherty’s simple, proactive approach can lead to positive developments when a therapy starts to stall.

This clip on how to put the topic of progress on the agenda in a session is from our upcoming streaming-video webcast series, "The 6 Most Challenging Issues in Therapy ...And How Therapists can Overcome Them."

Another resource that you might find helpful in dealing with challenging cases is his article on "Treating the Mixed-Agenda Couple."

William Doherty, Ph.D., is a professor and director of the Citizen Professional Center at the University of Minnesota. He's the author or coauthor of 12 books on families and family therapy, including Take Back Your Marriage, Take Back Your Kids, and Family Therapy, with Susan McDaniel.

The 6 Most Challenging Issues in Therapy
...And How Therapists Can Overcome Them

Starts Thursday, June 21st

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