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Defusing Male Shame with David Wexler


Men in Therapy: NP0020 - Session 3

Discover why men avoid emotional confrontations because of their inherent fear of shame. David Wexler, who specializes in the treatment of relationships in conflict, describes how to develop a therapeutic relationship based on straightforward guidance and “guy talk,” rather than ambiguous “therapy-speak.”

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Defusing Male Shame


Understanding the Significance to Male Clients

In our upcoming streaming-video webcast series, "Men In Therapy", David Wexler discusses how the experience and perception of shame affects male clients.

This clip is a quick look at how to develop an inviting therapeutic relationship with male clients based on straightforward guidance.

David Wexler is the Executive Director of the Relationship Training Institute. He’s the author of five books, including Men in Therapy: New Approaches for Effective Treatment and When Good Men Behave Badly.

Engaging Men In Therapy:
Everything Clinicians Need to Know

Starts Tuesday, June 5th

Click here for full course details.

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