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NP0018, Smarter Therapist, Session 5, Robbie Babins-Wagner


Discover how to solicit, hear, and effectively use negative feedback from clients to enhance treatment and understand how to use outcome measures to develop mastery within specific domains. Robbie Babins-Wagner, who implemented Feedback Informed Treatment at the Calgary Counselling Center in Alberta, Canada, will illustrate how you can create a work environment that supports this kind of practice.

We invite you to take a few minutes after this session to comment on what you’ve learned from this presentation, and from the course as a whole. Does your practice currently support a kind of Feedback Informed Treatment? If not, would you be interested in implementing this kind of practice? What questions do you have? As always, if you ever have any technical issues, just email support@psychotherapynetworker.org for help!

05.17.2012   Posted In: NP0018 Becoming a Smarter Therapist   By Psychotherapy Networker
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