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How is a community of practice different than solitary learning? Etienne Wenger, a noted pioneer in exploring the processes of social learning, will explain why the key learning processes and relationships are starkly different from formal curricula and standard learning methods. He’ll discuss why individual clinicians need the support of communities in order to problem-solve, gain perspective on their practice and their clients, and to truly keep up-to-date with new methods.

We hope you come away from this session with Etienne Wenger with a new perspective and understanding of how communities should play an important role in your therapeutic practice. One way to begin acting upon this new way of thinking is to really engage in the Comment Boards throughout this series. As you’ll see after hearing from Etienne Wenger, there’s a difference between learning and reflecting on what you’ve learned inwardly, and sharing your thoughts and experiences with peers. Please take just a few minutes to comment on what you found most interesting about the presentation, your experience, and to ask any questions you may have. As always, if you have any technical questions, just email support@psychotherapynetworker.org.

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Networker Excel Clubs


It’s the fundamental paradox of our profession: although therapy draws its healing influence from the power of human relationship, being a clinician can often feel like one of the loneliest jobs in the world. We practice alone and at the end of the day, feel disconnected and depleted

That’s why we’re introducing Networker Excel Clubs. What we really need is a connection to a sustaining community of colleagues who can inspire us on our way to clinical mastery. We’re now offering free downloads of some of our most popular streaming-video webcast sessions to promote Networker Excel Clubs—collegial get-togethers after work or on the weekends intended to support and nourish professional development. Excel Clubs give you the opportunity to meet regularly with peers to view online video interviews with the field’s leaders focused on the nuts-and-bolts of the therapeutic craft.

Not only will you get a regular shot at getting together—in real time and real space—with people on your wavelength, you’ll also benefit from hearing cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners address the same challenges that you face in your practice every day. During and after each webcast viewing, you can discuss how the points made in the program are applicable to your practice, or not, and we’ll be setting up special Comment Boards so that participants from around the world can share their observations.

You couldn’t find a more enjoyable and rewarding way to expand and enrich your professional network while doing something that’s sure to broaden your perspective and enhance your therapeutic skills. And just as we all know that relationships help clients improve, it’s our hope that relationships fostered through the Networker Excel Clubs will provide the energy, encouragement, and inspiration needed to take your professional satisfaction and growth to the next level.

-Rich Simon

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