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Welcome to the relaunched series of New Perspectives on Practice: Couples Therapy Today and Tomorrow. This practical, nuts-and-bolts first session with William Doherty, a seasoned couples therapist, will explore the most common mistakes therapists make in treating couples, and will provide strategies for how to avoid making these errors. Doherty will go over the most common obstacles to effective couples therapy, how to best structure couples’ sessions, how not to undermine a couple’s commitment, and much more.

In the inaugural series, course participants used the Comment Boards as a way to share what they thought was most relevant or interesting from the sessions, and to ask questions of the presenters and of each other.  It often led to back-and-forth discussions between course participants and presenters. We invite you to use the Comment Boards in the same way, after each session and after completing the course.

What was most striking about this session with William Doherty? Did this session bring up any similar experiences? Any questions? We encourage everyone to use the Comment Boards as a forum for reflection, thoughts, and questions. Thanks so much for your participation, and welcome to this extremely relevant and lively series!

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