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P004, Attachment, Session 6, Allan Schore

Thank you for attending this final session of “The Great Attachment Debate.” We hope you’ll come away from this course with a better understanding of attachment research and an awareness of the range of viewpoints about attachment theory and the consulting room.

During this session with Allan Schore, one of the leaders of the neuropsychology movement, he’ll delve into how affect and psychobiological change are significant in the therapy process. He’ll cover intersubjectivity and how understanding it can help us in our work, how to help clients develop a body-based relationship unconscious, and much more.

After listening to the course, please take a few minutes to comment about what was most interesting to you about this session, and to reflect on the course in its entirety. What was most relevant to you in your practice and everyday life? What questions remain for you? Thank you all for your participation in this series, and for taking the time to share your thoughts.
05.05.2011   Posted In: P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate   By Psychotherapy Networker
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