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  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 3, Barry Duncan 08.02.2011 13:33
    Are there some personality variables that interfere with alliance building and such people ought not to be therapists. Without using psychological labels, there are clearly peeople who go into this field because of a need for control, power, attention. On the Big Five Personality Scale I would think those who are open to and like change may fit better than those who rely on precedent and following a strict protocol. Any work you and Scott are doing around such factors. Thanks for your answer.
  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 1, Scott Miller 07.12.2011 13:19
    There is a bit of a contradiction in the finding which I remember from the sixties or early seventies that college student- novices did as well as experienced therapists and the notion that practice, which I would assume means, to some extent, experience, makes a difference. So it must mean that experience doesn't make a difference unless it's certain type of experience driven by believing that it is important to improve and using a disciplined approach to this. Any reactions.

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