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  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGE в†’ Welcome To Symposium 2010! 04.02.2010 04:03
    This was my first time at the symposium. I was struck by several things. 1. the sheer size of the conference. There was apparently over 3000 people in attendance. 2. The organization of the conference. I am familiar with setting up such an event and fully appreciate all the pre-planning and ongoing work required to make such an event "work." The organizers did an amazing job. I can't recall ever attending a more well organized professional event. Kudos to all the people in the background. Unsung heros all.
    I also had a concern. I understand the benefit and efficacy of having options and alternatives in life. However, when wandering around the various vendors in the exhibit hall I became acutely aware of a number of product and services that at BEST could be categorized as PSEUDOSCIENCE, and at worst outright quackery. Products such as Amethyst Crystal heating pads, or stainless steel medallions to protect against EMF, just to name a couple. I have been in the clinical field for more than 22 years and worry that my fellow clinicians in their genuine drive to look for alternatives to offer their clients are opening themselves up to pseudoscience, and deceptive marketing that (though well intentioned)is only going to bilk them of their hard earned money, and may even be harmful despite fancy sounding terminology and bogus claims. We as helpers cannot afford that. I caution all of us to keep a cautious ear open to such claims, ask questions (don't just accept anything at face value). Check out the product on the web, though realize that what you see on the web isn't necessarily accurate either. This profession has come a long way, fought long and hard for legitimacy and a place among the helping professions. We can't afford to blindly sidle up to quacks. I fully realize not everyone will agree with me, and that's not the point. The point is, perhaps, to open up a discussion of this issue......

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