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  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEBest Saturday Learning Moment or Workshop? 03.30.2010 23:49
    Dr. David Wallin had us spellbound with his Saturday workshop on how the THERAPIST's attachment patterns influence and shape the way in which we provide therapy. One quote fragment/descriptor from his opening remarks was "Therapist's attachment patterns as a source of insight, impasses, inspiration" (I believe he quoted another scholar here, do not have the name in my notes). This is an interesting, vital topic and one I believe should be being taught in every graduate school. Wallin focused on the interaction of the therapist's and client's attachment patterns in a given session and how unconsciously we may be leading or responding from a place related to our attachment history.My office mate and colleague went to Wallin's website and we plan to get the book and form a study group. I will look for and attend other workshops by Dr. Wallin and plan to attend a longer version of this one which he sometimes provides. Mia from Maine
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEBest Saturday Learning Moment or Workshop? 03.30.2010 23:37
    Thanks to you too, for your detailed account of this. You must have been taking incredible notes!
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEBest Saturday Learning Moment or Workshop? 03.30.2010 23:36
    Thank you so much for giving your account of this. It took a lot of time and effort to do so. I was not there but a fellow attendee mentioned to me hearing about it via the blog so i checked it out.
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEBest Friday Workshop or Learning Moment? 03.30.2010 23:32
    "Men in Therapy" with Dr. David Wexler was excellent. Informational, inspiring, entertaining.His use of film clips brought home his points and drew us all in emotionally.I will look for and attend more of his workshops.Mia from Maine
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEAfterward: Most Memorable Symposium Moment 03.30.2010 23:27
    I could not find the right category in which to place my comment. We need a new category: The MUSIC. Or how about: THE MUSIC!!! May I praise the high level of musicianship at the Symposium every year? We of course miss our pianist Franko very much; I enjoyed his playing most of the last 13 years I attended. The other musicians are always of high calibur and high energy. Having them there sets a wonderful tone for the beginning of each day. As we know, music is a heart opener, healer and energizer. Thank you so much for having music and dance be an integral part of the Symposium experience.And for anyone who did not get a chance to purchase Dana LaCroix's gorgeous CD "Faith in You" please go to CD Baby and do so. it is a beautiful collection of songs.Mia from Maine

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