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  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 3, Tara Brach 11.08.2011 13:23
    thank you so much for this super-now experience that Tara gave us. Wonderful stories and quotes to share, I scribbled about three pages of notes! What I appreciate in her presentation is how she keeps circling back to the same ideas, but we see with each round that we are somehow at a different level of understanding with them, because of how she has helped us change in the intervening time. wonderful teaching.
  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 2, Ron Siegel 11.08.2011 09:52
    Great presentation! I especially appreciate the colorful stories and metaphors-- the puppy, the camera, the telephone, tail-lights, the description of our ancestors and which ones "made it", the idea of coarse objects-- the heavy metal concert, vs. softer ones. These ideas/pictures are memorable and will be of immediate use in my sessions... today. Thanks!
  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 1, Jack Kornfield 11.07.2011 12:54
    What a wonderful seminar. There were so many thought-provoking threads-- the story he shared about how he connected with the gang members who had suffered so much loss stands out in my mind. His description of what it is like to be with pain seeing it from the great sky of awareness was very moving. I had to replay the video several times to get the whole quote. It is both poetic and very accurately descriptive of what I think of a therapeutic process. I will be sharing it with patients. Thank you!

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