Reflections on Symposium 2011 Experiences

It’s Monday afternoon, and hopefully all of you who attended the 2011 Symposium are back in your homes and resting after such a full weekend—and what a wonderful weekend it was! Between all of our inspirational—and hilarious!—keynote speakers, the thought-provoking presentations, and interesting workshops, it seemed as if everyone at the conference was constantly buzzing about what they’d learned and what it meant to them. As always, the Omni Shoreham was filled with people from all over the world (participants hailed from 25 different countries!). The hotel spilled over with the energy of people excited to be there, some for the first time, and some returning after dozens of Symposiums, marking the start of spring in their lives.

We’re really interested to hear what was most special for you during the conference. If you were a first-timer, what was your experience like; if you attended after many years, what was different about this year than others? Who was your favorite keynote speaker or workshop presenter, and why? What did you learn or do that inspired you and that’s most relevant in your life?

03.28.2011   Posted In: Symposium Highlights   By Jordan Magaziner
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