An Evening with Dick Cavett--The Art of the Interview

What a treat it was to be able to experience such a noteworthy and charismatic man as Dick Cavett in his area of specialty—an interview. Friday night’s dinner event featured Dick Cavett, the host of the Dick Cavett Show, in which he regularly interviewed stars such as Katharine Hepburn, Betty Davis, Groucho Marx, and innumerable others on the top of Hollywood and history’s “favorites” list.

In the classic talk show format, Cavett sat on stage across from Psychotherapy Networker Editor Rich Simon, in which the two went back and forth reminiscing about Cavett’s favorite times behind the camera, and Simon’s favorite times watching him on the screen.

Select clips from his talk show were played, to the audience’s delight. Some remembered seeing these interviews live so many years ago, and some enjoyed these scenes of celebrity interviews for the first time. Whether or not we grew up avidly watching Cavett’s show, the event was entertaining and enjoyable for everyone present.
03.26.2011   Posted In: Symposium Highlights   By Jordan Magaziner
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