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  • 0 NP0022 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy? Taking Off the Masks: Truth-Telling in Couples Work with David Schnarch 08.21.2012 13:26
    Really liked what David was saying and how he does couples therapy. I am so so far on the scale of empathy and fairy tale land with my clients that I have no idea of how to inch towards where David lives. It is supremely important for me to work with integrity and I don't want to squirm anymore. I do believe and experience a sacred space in therapy (both individual and couples) AND there are many moments when what is called for is unmasking the truth--however ugly/disgusting it is--then moving the person/couple to where their best and noblest is. I hope I can make a beginning by exploring the resources on your website. THANK YOU for your talk today--and my couples present and future thank you as well!!!
  • 0 NP0022 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy? Confidentiality, Secrets, and How to Deal with Affairs with Esther Perel 08.07.2012 13:18
    Really enjoyed your liveliness and the mastery that was evident in how you work with couples--especially around infidelity. The very last piece about the couple you took back to her first orgasm--was that what you meant or how you were illustrating detective (versus investigative) work?? I love your spirit,your experience and your wisdom. Thank you for sharing all this richness with us. Sanaa Sharnoubi.

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