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  • 0 NP0008 The Great Attachment DebateNP0008, Attachment, Session 4, David Schnarch 08.31.2011 22:20
    Provocative presentation...thank you Dave and Rich. I have a sense that Differentiation and Attachment are different parts of the same elephant. I appreciated Dave's comment at the end that this is not combat...there is a suffering world of people. We need to collaborate...something to that effect. However, I sensed combativeness on David's part...the facial expressions seemed to reveal that. So I remain curious about that. I am sufficiently engaged to read his book. sAm in Boston.
  • -0.1 NP0008 The Great Attachment DebateNP008, Attachment, Session 3, Dan Siegel 08.27.2011 18:32
    Thank you Dan and Rich. I'm grateful for a framework to assess and create a treatment plan with clients. I've been doing psychotherapy for over 25 years...some if it with pretty good results. I realize that much of my work has been like intuiting my way through a maze. And my intuition skills have been adequate for the most part and improving. What you are offering is like turning on the lights...or perhaps in keeping with the metaphor of the maze, a hot air balloon lifting me up to see more easily the way through the maze in treating a client. Again, thanks. sAm in Boston

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