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  • 0 NP0015 21st-Century Trauma Treatment в†’ NP0015, Trauma, Session 4, Ken Hardy 02.29.2012 16:10
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your excellent work with our treatment community in such a helpful way. Your work with traumatized, neglected black youth is inspiring,insightful, and powerful.
    Having worked with traumatized individuals of varied socioeconomic backgrounds for many years, being a trauma survivor myself,and being in an interracial marriage - I very much appreciate your perspectives, including regarding 'keeping it real'. I whole heartedly agree that there is great value in open discussions about race and appropriate self-disclosures that model openness and deepen the therapeutic relationship. I too have often experienced how such discussions very often help clients feel less alone in their suffering, better able to open up when they're ready, and help them feel truly seen and supported. A relationship of authenticity, healing, and growth is invaluable and, sadly, can often be the 1st healthy relationship that many survivors have ever experienced.
    Also, thank you for your thoughts about effective ways to adapt family work with trauma treatment.

    Sara Moore-Hines

    PS My husband is a long-time volunteer at Phila's Youth Study Center(juvenile detention center). I wonder if YSC would be open to having you present to their staff or be put on their referral list ...? If you would like a contact name to inquire about this, feel free to let us know. If needed, I'm happy to recommend you. (sarimamh@aol.com)

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