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  • 0 NP0024 The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment: New Perspectives on PTSDTrauma in Context with Kenneth V. Hardy 09.13.2012 18:35
    Excellent presentation! My thanks to Rich for asking the important question about how to connect with clients whom are culturally different. For example, illustrating how a white, female therapist should interact with a young, black male.
  • 0 P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century PractitionerNew Perspectives on Ethics, Session 1: Comment Board 01.18.2011 09:52
    I agree with the majority of what has already been said. I want to thank Mary Jo for her honesty and helpful tips on how to initiate discussions about ethical dilemmas. This was the most helpful ethics course I've had to date. I have had more questions after other courses than answers. Mary Jo provided great suggestions for approaching ethical dilemmas. I agree that the technology needs improvement as sometimes the presenters talked over each other (or that's how it came across). Additionally, I would like to know why the CE quizzes won't be available until after the entire course. It's easier for me to remember course material right after the course, instead of weeks later. Thanks for a great workshop!

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