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  • 0 P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our DemonsP005, Session 2, Judith Beck 05.17.2011 09:37
    Thank you Judith for your webinar session - very illuminating. I must say though, that after attending Linda Bacon's webinar on Health At Every Size, and after going the the peer reviewed paper Linda pointed me to at:nutritionj.com/content/10/1/9, I am more curious than ever about the benefits of weight loss. Can you point me to a recent peer reviewed paper which would make the case for weight loss - ideally a meta study. I'd like to see both sides of the issue with equal, up-to-date science-based clarity. Thank you.
  • 0 P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our DemonsP005, Diets, Session 3, Linda Bacon 05.12.2011 15:40
    Hi Linda - a very interesting session today, thank you. One question I have is around the science of BMI vs mortality. A key reference you used was from 1999. Are there any more up-to-date peer reviewed papers on the subject? Has your work / your book been peer reviewed? Have you seen the piece on the Mayo web site (Grand Rounds section) on the subject of microbial content of the gut vs efficiency of energy recovery from food. I found this to be very interesting. Your thoughts?

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