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  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 4, Susan Johnson: Comment Board 03.10.2011 01:51
    Thanks Susan, I so appreciate your taking the time to answer. I was defintely inspired by your comments and process of interactions and will look more into the education and training in the use of EFT. Patricia
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 4, Susan Johnson: Comment Board 03.08.2011 08:32
    I have so enjoyed every one of these webinars and feel like I am only scraping the top of the barrel with each and that there is so much more to learn. Each seems to have a place in the treatment process. Is there a time where you would use one over the other based on the couples motivational level for the connection? or can you use any of these at any motivational level. Any feedback would be appreciated Patricia Hoeft -Chelsea Mi
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy Today & Tomorrow, Session 1 with Bill Doherty: Comment Board 02.11.2011 06:18
    I ditto all the positive comments on this webinar and took copious notes. I also have a concern as to the mistakes one makes when working with individuals who come in saying they are ambivalent about staying in the marriage. They might say their spouse is not willing to participate - ( i.e don't want them to) - when to address getting the other spouse into treatment - when to make a referral - should one keep working with the individual while they are in couples therapy etc. or might this be addressed in future webinars. Thank you patrica - chelsea , mi
  • 0 P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century PractitionerNew Perspectives on Ethics, Session 1: Comment Board 01.24.2011 11:04
    I agree with so many that this is one of the best seminars on ethics that I have ever heard. I love metaphors and analogys and the picture of the therapist as an athlete and needing to stay strong to be able to combat the boundaries that are sure to be broken by clients and how to handle them with care and ethical standards struck a chord with me. Although our own lives are never fully without stress - knowing how to deal with it and refresh oneself is so very important. I have shared this web site with many of my peers. Thank you all for your skills and willingness to share. Patricia - Chelsea , Mi

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