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P005, Diets, Session 4, Geneen Roth

Thank you for attending this fourth and final session of “Diets and Our Demons.” We hope you’ll come away from this course with a better understanding of the scientific research on diets and an understanding of the variety of viewpoints and skills about mental and physical health that therapists can bring into the consulting room.

During this session with Geneen Roth, who’s the author of eight bestselling books and a leader in looking at our relationship with eating, will delve into how our eating habits reflect our basic beliefs and attitudes about ourselves. She’ll cover why eating is inseparable from our core beliefs about life, the roots of our relationship with food, how to trust your body, and how to demystify weight loss.

After listening to the course, please take a few minutes to write on the Comment Board about what was most interesting to you during this session, and to reflect on the course in its entirety. What was most relevant to you in your professional and personal life? What questions remain for you? Thank you all for your participation in this series, and for taking the time to share your thoughts.
05.16.2011   Posted In: P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our Demons   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • Not available avatar Steve Nasuta 05.19.2011 12:37
    This webinar was interrupted several minutes into the opening remarks. I have tried repeatedly to restart theWebinar without success. Are other particants experiencing the same situation? It is now 1:36pm EST. I will once again attempt to rejoin the webinar. Please advise. Thank you.
    • Not available avatar lamn 05.20.2011 14:24
      The same is happening to me. I had the same truble with the previos video, only it was not at the beggining but near the end
  • 0 avatar Lisa Oransoff 05.19.2011 13:10
    Excellent. Great final seminar. She seemed to validate much of what we heard in weeks 1 and 2.
  • Not available avatar Nancy J. Ross 05.19.2011 13:14
    Thanks Geneen, you've added a really practical dimension to the whole series, Your conviction and thoughful expression of your own experiences with food help as well. I do work with eating disorders, and this series has provided a wealth of information to utilize with the tools I already have, adding to my own belief in their efficacy. Thanks again, Nancy
  • 0 avatar Al Bright 05.19.2011 13:19
    Sorry - I must have missed how to get credit for the CE hours. Pls advise. Great final session ... great series. I'll join other offerings for sure.
  • 0 avatar Victoria Johnson 05.19.2011 13:25
    Very informative, I really indentify with the statement that our relationship with food is the doorway into our lives, at least for some of us. To say it is a gift, a path to self-awareness and to releasing the unerlying reasons why we over-eat is a very engaging statement. I am thinking that it will be motivating and a ray of hope to many people who feel that letting go of excess weight in all aspects of their lives is an overwhelming task. Thank you for all the wonderful insight.
  • Not available avatar tova gazala 05.22.2011 08:05
    I am an SE practioner and have been using the art of focusing to feel when I am satisfied enough to stop in my own life together with generally following the point system of weight watchers However this lecture really gave me tips in regard to unexplainable binges here and there especially when I get close to being happy about my weight . It reminded me that food is not the issue! It helped me reframe the frustration to a exciting search to understanding this phenomenon. thank you Tova
  • Not available avatar Niquie Dworkin 05.22.2011 20:26
    Good reminder of how to locate the experience of emotions in the body and stay with them.

    • Not available avatar Roz Kramer 05.24.2011 12:32
      Dear Geneen, Your principles are so liveable. . I am introducing this to one of my patients. Where do you have these written up? My patient likes to be able to read about it and then feels more committed. I look forward to your answer so I can implement these treasures. Thanks so much for all you do, Roz
  • Not available avatar Joyce Sarat White 02.11.2012 11:29
    Hi Geneen,
    My private practice is called Weighty Issues. I have followed your work for years and assisted at one of your workshops. As always, I enjoyed listening to you and learning from you. My challenge is how to help people make the leap from looking for a quick fix to understanding the time and patience, essentially the work, needed to change their relationship with food. My other challenge is helping the medical profession support and understand this work. Your suggestions would be helpful with both these challenges. Thank you. Joyce
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