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P005, Diets, Session 3, Linda Bacon

Welcome to “Achieving Health at Every Size,” with Linda Bacon, who’s a researcher, professor, and author of Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. In this session, Bacon will discuss the evidence illustrating that popular ideas regarding weight loss as equal to positive self-care can actually hinder a healthy lifestyle.

She’ll cover the science that disputes conventional perspectives about health and weight, how working toward weight-loss goals can undermine a client’s ability to achieve positive, healthy habits, how to help clients understand that self-nourishment is more important than weight loss, and much more.

After listening to the session, please share on the Comment Board what you learned and any questions you may have. What was most interesting or relevant to you? We invite you to include your name and hometown with your comment, and to take a few minutes to read and response to other participants’ comments.

05.09.2011   Posted In: P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our Demons   By Psychotherapy Networker
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