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P005, Session 2, Judith Beck

Welcome to “Skills for Successful Dieting,” with Judith Beck, one of the world’s leading cognitive-behavioral therapists. In this second session of the 4-part “Diets and our Demons” series, Beck will go over the skills that are necessary for successful dieting, and what’s most important to effective weight loss. 

She’ll explain how to help clients follow through on a healthy lifestyle by facilitating the development of pre-dieting skills, regularizing eating, changing food selection, planning for special occasions, and keeping the motivation to integrate these skills into everyday life in a long-term manner. 

After listening to the session, please share on the Comment Board what you learned and any questions you may have. What was most interesting to you or relevant to your professional or personal life? We encourage you to include your name and hometown with your comment, and to take a few minutes to read and response to other participants’ comments.
05.04.2011   Posted In: P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our Demons   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar Jean Kolbe 05.05.2011 13:13
    The presentation was practical and realistic. I wonder if Judith Beck could comment on research on the use of weight loss support groups, such as the internet based free Spark People (sparkpeople.com) as a weight and exercise management tool? from Pittsburgh, PA
  • Not available avatar Lisa Steinhilber 05.06.2011 17:03
    The presentation was excellent and I enjoyed listening and learning practical skills from Judith Beck. I feel it was important that she addressed how to work with a client who is following a structured diet plan.
  • Not available avatar Niquie Dworkin 05.07.2011 18:20
    As a proponent of a non-dieting approach I was initially skeptical about this modality but what Judith is advocating has many recommendations in common with a non-dieting approach. What she is actually advocating could easily be called becoming more mindful and changing your lifestyle. Also, loved the nail-polish tip, I will use that one with all kinds of impulsive clients!
  • Not available avatar Allan 05.08.2011 15:22
    As someone who has personally struggled with weight issues for decades, I did get some ideas, that will be personally as well as professionally useful. These include the 'success acknowledgement and writing it down for example if you pass by some sweet', having a bit of a favorite food (chocolate pudding) reguarly rather than eliminating it (which of course, doesn't work in the long run. A written list of distraction from hunger activites. Thank you both for providing this great information.
  • Not available avatar leticia tayabas 05.08.2011 21:35
    Hello Judith and Rich:

    I am enjoying this webminars more and more, what a great way to share knowledge and experiences, I would like to help more people with weight problems and having worked for more than twenty years in the field of addictions I find it with many similarities and useful tips. Thank you again

  • Not available avatar Greer Melidonis 05.08.2011 22:20
    Really appreciated the focus on preparation and mastering skills rather than the emphasis on high or low fat versus carbs debates.
  • Not available avatar BSmith 05.09.2011 13:16
    I appreciate the access to this webinar.

    I wonder if you have advice for a therapist, like myself, who is working with someone who is already in the process of following another diet program. Not all of your advice can be applied without seemingly undermining another "diet" plan.

    B Smith
  • Not available avatar Kristen 05.09.2011 14:24
    Great thoughts and ideas, Judith! I must say that it impacted me even more personally than professionally. I am a "maintainer," having lost nearly 100 pounds and kept it off for well over the 5 year mark you mentioned. However, I'm continually frustrated that I cannot maintain the lowest weight I hit right before getting married. You drove home to me today that it's normal and okay not to be able to maintain my very lowest weight. It's more important for me to be comfortable with what's realistic for me than to continually wrestle for something impossible. Thanks!!
  • Not available avatar Judith Potts 05.10.2011 01:00
    A very helpful and interesting program! It makes so much sense to learn and practice the needed skills and coping strategies BEFORE changing one's eating plan. It's like learning and practicing CPR before you have to use it in an emergency.

    I've found that it helps to make a list of triggers and then to plan coping strategies for each one ahead of time. Even before starting the new eating plan, a client can become mindful of triggers that occur in the course of daily life and think about the coping strategies that would work best. Thanks for the many great ideas!
    Judith Potts, MA www.judithpotts.com
  • Not available avatar Lisa Fidler 05.10.2011 15:47
    The webinairs are great. I find the presentations helpful and practical. The information can be used right away in my work. And in my personal life as woman who carries weight. Thank you.
  • 0 avatar Paul McIntosh 05.17.2011 09:37
    Thank you Judith for your webinar session - very illuminating. I must say though, that after attending Linda Bacon's webinar on Health At Every Size, and after going the the peer reviewed paper Linda pointed me to at:nutritionj.com/content/10/1/9, I am more curious than ever about the benefits of weight loss. Can you point me to a recent peer reviewed paper which would make the case for weight loss - ideally a meta study. I'd like to see both sides of the issue with equal, up-to-date science-based clarity. Thank you.
  • 0 avatar Larry Donalson 05.17.2011 23:06
    Certainly a fan of cognitive therapy but I have to admit I have never thought about weight loss implications. Clients often talk about weight issues and I think I now may have some practical material to share. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Cynthia Magistro 05.26.2011 08:59
    I appreciated the systematic plan that Judith presented. I realize now that I have not done enough pre-dieting work with clients who struggle with unhealthy eating habits. Thanks for a practical and realistic approach.
  • 0 avatar Janet Mueller 01.26.2012 15:59
    Loved the presentation and got many good tips that I hadn't previously heard. Thank you! Can you please comment on methods you use to help clients tolerate those negative feelings better? Thanks!
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