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P004, Attachment, Session 4, David Schnarch


This session will air on Tuesday, April 26th 2011.

Join David Schnarch, a leading proponent of the role of differentiation in the therapeutic process, as he discusses his perspectives on attachment and why he believes that Attachment Theory can keep clients in the role of needy children.

This fourth session of “The Great Attachment Debate,” will go over the importance of differentiation in healthy development, delve into enmeshment and how it contributes to fused relationships, explain “attachment hegemony” and how it can get in the way of effective therapy, and much more.

After listening to Schnarch’s presentation, we encourage you to please reflect on what you’ve learned and comment on what was most interesting to you, ask any questions you may have, and share any relevant experiences. We invite you to include your name and hometown, and to review what other participants have to say about this particular session and their webinar experiences.

04.22.2011   Posted In: P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate   By Psychotherapy Networker
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