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Couples Therapy, Session 3, Harville Hendrix: Comment Board


harville_hendrix_p003Thank you for attending Session 3 of Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow. This session with Harville Hendrix will delve into the basic principles of the Imago approach to authentic connection between couples.

Hendrix, the co-developer of Imago Relationship Theory and the co-founder of Imago Relationship International, will discuss how to understand the resistance to love that was founded in childhood experiences, how to help partners learn to heal wounds from each other’s childhoods, the basic skills of mirroring and empathy, and how couples can validate each other--even when they disagree.

We invite you to participate in this Comment Board to share your experiences with couples  therapy, comment on what was most interesting to you about Imago Relationship theory, and ask any questions you may have. What was most relevant about what you learned today?

Please include your name and hometown along with your comment. Thank you again for your participation and your comments.

02.17.2011   Posted In: P003 Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow   By Rich Simon
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