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New Perspectives on Ethics, Session 5, Steven Frankel: Comment Board


steve_frankelThank you for attending the final session of New Perspectives on Practice: Ethical Standards of the 21st Century. We hope you’ll come away from this course with a better understanding of how to handle ethical dilemmas in our practices, particularly ones created by new technologies.

Today’s session with Steven Frankel will delve into how to avoid the most common ethical pitfalls and how to handle the most common ethical—and legal—situations. He’ll discuss role conflicts and deviations, boundary crossings and violations, and the three axioms of ethical responsibility.

What do you think was most relevant to you about today’s session, and about the whole course? Please comment below about what was most important, applicable, and interesting.

Thank you all for your participation and comments.

02.14.2011   Posted In: P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century Practitioner   By Rich Simon
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    • Not available avatar 02.15.2011 07:25
      Great class. Made taking an ethics requirement not only pain-free but interesting, pertinent, and fun. Thanks
    • 0 avatar Merrilee Gibson 02.15.2011 07:27
      While all sessions were valuable and provided welcome and useful information, this was possibly the very best, for the range and conciseness of the information provided. I have attended a number of Dr. Frankel's workshops,snd he never disappoints. I especially appreciate his targeting of areas and prioritizing them. It seems there is so much to be mindful of as a therapist, it is especially helpful (for me at least) to have such practical and down-to-earth comments. I look forward to reviewing information on slides; I am glad to have them available as reference. In summary, thank you very much.
      Merrilee, San Mateo
    • 0 avatar Diana Sillence 02.15.2011 07:28
      This presentation was extremely reality-based due to Dr. Frankel's experience in the field and also now, his knowledge of law. Since we all self-disclose to some degree, I appreciate the guideline of "how many pages" would there be. While I drink socially, I see a greater importance on not getting a DUI; I did not know that the board would get a record of that (very good to know). In addition to those guidelines, it was good to hear what I'm doing right in the field. Re-emphasizing the importance of good record-keeping and honoring different cultures in respect to hugs and when hugs are appropriate. All the data statistics was an eye opener for awareness. Thanks, too, for your great power-point presentation. Excellent.
      Diana Sillence, LMHC, Lutz, FL
    • 0 avatar chitra subrahmanian 02.15.2011 07:28
      Very enjoyable and extremely pertinent. Wish it were a bit longer to incorporate more material.
    • 0 avatar Dale Pavich 02.15.2011 07:49
      A great choice for the "anchor webinar" of the series. Nicely organized, pithy presentation. I would have liked to see the Menninger assessment mentioned, but perhaps there are legal obstacles to the disclosure of that as well? A special thanks to Rich Simon, and each of the presentors in this series for creating such an enlightening and relevant forum assistting those of us engaged in psychotherapy professions. I agree, we clinicians are not adequately prepared and informed so as to effectively engage in the kinds of challenging client issues we frequently find ourselves engaged in.
    • 0 avatar Kathleen Barry 02.15.2011 08:50
      I think that this was a really good session, however 2 problems for me. 1) I felt that Dr Frankle spent too much time early on so that he had to skip too rapidly (for me) over a number of slides along the way.
      2) I continue to have tech problems and haven't been able to access the Networker via Safari neither it's home page nor the ethics course web link. Finally got it via firefox.
    • 0 avatar Susan Noble 02.16.2011 11:07
      Dr. Frankle was attention-getting in his manner of presenting the information that we all are suppose to know and carry out. He brought home to me just how vast the ethics spectrum is and how much "gray area" can be manipulated to be "black or white". How scary is that!! I have come away from these presentations with heightened awareness of how things are changing; how social networking can affect us professionally; how much information I have assumed was "confidential" can be disclosed without my knowledge; and, much , much more!! I also think the information necessary for ethical compliance is endless...therefore, I am looking at my "judgment calls" more closely with this new information, committing to consult more in the future. Thanks for the information on physical touch and presenting the issue in the initial session as part of the policies and procedures statement. I agree that conversations of understanding and clarification before the situation arises defines safe boundaries for both therapist and client.
      What a wonderful way to get my CEUs!! All of the speakers were TOPS!!
      Thank you all,

      Susan, New Orleans
    • Not available avatar 02.18.2011 08:52
      The process and the technology has improved. Good info. Easy access. Almost no over-talking.
    • 0 avatar Cheryl Schultz 02.18.2011 12:07
      This is the first webinar I have taken. I thought that it was well organized and informative at every level. These classes inspired me to stay in touch with my own work with my clients and be ever thoughtful about how I do what I do. I look forward to more of these classes in the future.
      Cheryl, Chicago
    • Not available avatar 02.19.2011 02:32
      Good choice in topics,in presenters,and great further resources from presenters with their websites. Appreciated especially their personal examples "where the rubber meets the road" to flesh out what is meant by the various points. Thank you for your persistence in fixing the technical side.An improvement idea might be that anaudience/class participant could present a case related to the topic and have the Presenter him/herself respond. However, confidentiality and permanence of internet might prevent this.
    • 0 avatar jody jessup 02.19.2011 12:30
      Fantastic presentation. Ordering the recommended book now. I could have listened to hours more. I very much enjoyed this webinar and put in my vote for many more. Would have loved to hear more about sliding scale fees but the book should cover that.
      Jody, Baileys Harbor
    • 0 avatar Harry Zeit 02.21.2011 09:36
      I was able to watch three of the five ethics webinars, including the first two and this one. There were some glitches accessing links to each webinar, but I am so pleased that I persevered and did really enjoy all three talks.
      One thing I will take home is that I belong to a strange group in Canada, called "GP Psychotherapists" a group of around 400 physicians in the country who are practising psychotherapy ... and who do not - on the whole - practice peer supervision and consultation. I will let them know that this is a little too much indulgence in the old physicians' sense of hubris.
      I really enjoyed the flow of Steven's talk, and I'm excited to go on the website and see more of him.
      Thank you Rich Simon and Psychotherapy Networker.
      Cheers, Harry Zeit MD, Toronto.
    • Not available avatar 02.22.2011 05:25
      After the last seminar presenter, Dr.Frankel, I still wonder if clinicians should have releases signed by clients for the consultation participants.
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