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New Perspectives on Ethics, Clifton Mitchell, Session 3: Comment Board


clifton_mitchellThank you for attending the third session of New Perspectives on Practice, “Ethical Standards for the 21st Century.” Today’s session with Clifton Mitchell--“The Therapist’s Duty to Warn, Report Abuse and Rape, and Handle Self-Injurious Behavior” will cover the latest legal developments concerning therapists’ obligation to prevent clients from harming themselves or others. We’ll explore the responsibilities and the limitations of confidentiality and other ethical situations, such as how to handle clients’ self-injurious behaviors.

We hope you come away from this session with a better understanding of what’s required of therapists ethically and how to better deal with situations like clients who self-harm. What do you think was most relevant from today’s session? What was most applicable to you in your everyday practice? Do you have any related experiences that would be helpful to other participants?

Please take a minute to consider these questions and everything you’ve learned so far throughout this webinar, and comment below about what’s most striking to you.

As always, we invite you to please include your name and hometown with your comment. Thank you all for your participation and thought-provoking comments.

01.31.2011   Posted In: P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century Practitioner   By Rich Simon
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