NP006 Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow

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As the final, bonus session in the Couples Therapy: Today and Tomorrow series, John Gottman, renowned for his breakthrough research on marriage and parenting, will explore how couples can be there for each other, despite inevitable difficulties and differences. Gottman will cover the core skills in the three primary contexts of a couple’s relationship, methods to help couples develop attunement skills, ways to interrupt destructive relational cycles, and more.

After this presentation, please take a few minutes to reflect on what was striking to you about this particular session, how it fits in with the series in its entirety, and how you feel after participating in this couples therapy course and hearing such diverse perspectives. What do you think was most interesting or made the most sense? What questions remain for you? Do you have any relevant experiences to share?

We encourage you to comment on this session and about the series as a whole, as this kind of engagement and participation is central to deeper learning and understanding. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you come away from this course with a better sense of where the couples therapy field is and where it might be going in the future.

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