NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas

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Telemental Health in the 21st Century with Marlene Maheu


Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas: NP0026 – Session 6

As the final session in the “Handling Today’s Hidden Ethical Dilemmas” series, Marlene Maheu, a leader and pioneer in telehealth, will discuss how to effectively provide online therapy while maintaining ethical boundaries. She’ll explore such tools as Skype, Google, virtual self-help products, and more.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org.

09.21.2012   Posted In: NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar ELLEN SWALLOW 09.22.2012 13:59
    Another very informative, even inspiring, discussion. Thanks for a very helpful course.
    Ellen Swallow MFT
  • 0 avatar Skosh Jacobsen 11.14.2012 20:51
    I was impressed with the level of information presented in this webinar. I can't wait to get an opportunity to check out the websites mentioned. A whole new "world" of possibilities opened up to me. Thank you for putting this together! Well worth it.
  • Not available avatar Bob Montgomery 04.18.2014 07:03
    Not very good, needs better preparation. Boring presentation.
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