NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethics in the Digital Age with Ofer Zur


Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas: NP0026 – Session 2

How has digital technology changed the ethical challenges practitioners face in the consulting room? Join psychologist Ofer Zur in this practical discussion of the new ethical trials that exist due to new technologies such as email, social media platforms, the Internet, cell phones, and more. Zur will break down the new issues and provide suggestions as to what therapists should do in order to best handle these ethical quandaries.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org.

09.18.2012   Posted In: NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar ELLEN SWALLOW 09.18.2012 13:40
    Another worthwhile hour! Zur underlined some things I knew which needed to come to the forefront, and as well introduced some valuable new information. The anthropological context was powerful. My 74 year old ego felt some pride in being a happy digital immigrant who is eager to adapt when appropriate, and to find value where value lies. Thank you! Ellen Swallow MFT
  • Not available avatar Giselle Ruzany 09.19.2012 11:19
    It was definitely a thrill to google my name and see what is out there. Thanks for the push for digital awareness, Giselle
  • Not available avatar Kathryn 09.19.2012 14:49
    Outstanding. Very well presented. The material was current, important, and practical. More please!
  • 0 avatar Jennifer Favell 09.20.2012 17:24
    Would you please give me/us the specific citation that Dr. Zur referred to regarding, I think he said, "Journal of Counseling and Development" (?), Winter, 2012, an article on treatment contracts? Thank you, Jennifer Favell
  • 0 avatar Patricia White 10.25.2012 23:05
    I am also a happy digital immigrant, curious about the technology, and intimidated as well. Sometimes I expereince myself like the farmer in 1912 when Henry Ford and his model T came out. The farmer might say...what do I need something like that for....I have horses....The world is changing and if I dont catch a ride, I might be left in the dust.
  • 0 avatar Linda Perlin 11.11.2012 18:40
    While I thought I was "on the edge" of being comfortable with the digital age in my practice, Dr Zur really showed me how much more there is to this and how it will continue to evolve. I really appreciated his viewpoints and feel he leads the way in this area.
  • 0 avatar Skosh Jacobsen 11.12.2012 21:43
    I found the information relevant and demystifying to the fearsome claims that we shouldn't do this or shouldn't do that. At the end of the day, it makes such total sense to connect with a teenager on their favorite mode, in their comfort zone. I have googled myself but never thought to google other combinations, this too was enlightening. What I missed in the information shared was about recommendations concerning security on our smart phones, ipads, laptops and desktops. We were recommended to save emails in a file, not print, but no instruction or resources were mentioned about backups and concern if files get lost or wiped. I hope Dr. Zur will give additional input here or on his website. Thanks so much for a great presentation.
  • Not available avatar Kendail 01.16.2013 10:54
    Hey My name is Kendail. Im am currently taking a Business law class now. We are going to learn more about this topic. I calready have a posing side of the question. I like to think that Tech has opened up plenty of doors for people to do more ethical and unethical things. Liek so if you are in a counrty were wathing cursing at a young age. using the internet will allow you to do so. Therefore making the internet a unethical item. But if you are watching usual cartoons this makiong it perferctly etichal. Meaning that internet is both ethical and unethical.
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