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Defeating Panic with Reid Wilson


Treating Anxiety: The Latest Advances: NP0025 – Session 6

Join Reid Wilson as he explores a step-by-step approach that helps clients shift their relationship with panic so they can overcome their anxiety. By gradually learning to approach, exaggerate, personify, and caricature panic, the client is able override the responses that perpetuate anxiety.

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10.23.2012   Posted In: NP0025: Treating Anxiety: Latest Advances   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • Not available avatar Merrilee Gibson 10.23.2012 13:14
    Thank you for this presentation, and for making it so practical and useful. I have been hesitant to use exposure as a therapeutic tool but this presentation provided simple ideas that I feel I can actually incorporate into my practice. Thanks also for the resource of the website.
  • Not available avatar Florence Calhoun 10.23.2012 13:36
    This presentation was an exciting an useful experience. I have many patients who run the gamut of anxiety disorders, so I am looking for practical tools to help them overcome symptoms. This presentation gave me those tools. Thank you very much.
  • Not available avatar Mary 10.28.2012 23:09
    Very practical and simple. Thanks
  • 0 avatar Lynda Schoenbeck 10.29.2012 15:12
    I work a lot with women with anxiety and panic challenges, and yet again I learn something new on a PN webinar! Very helpful. Thanks!
  • Not available avatar jeff 12.15.2012 12:35
    This was clearly the best of the series for me. I totally agree with concepts, though hard to get people to do it. I know that with my own anxiety issues, exposure is the only thing that really helps and am aware of that STRONG pull to do whatever to make feelings go away.
  • 0 avatar Dawn MacKenzie 01.18.2013 09:11
    BEst of of, this helps clients feel strong, instead of coddled. Thank you!
  • 0 avatar Kenny Meagher 03.22.2013 11:46
    Help! stops at the 9:52 mark and will not play!!!
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