NP0025: Treating Anxiety: Latest Advances

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Interrupting the Anxiety Cycle with Danie Beaulieu


Treating Anxiety: The Latest Advances: NP0025 – Session 3

Expand your understanding of the sources for different kinds of anxiety along with your repertoire of interventions. Join Danie Beaulieu as she explores what metaphors, visual images, and multisensory messages you can use to more fully engage clients and achieve greater impact than is possible with purely word-bound communication.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org.

10.02.2012   Posted In: NP0025: Treating Anxiety: Latest Advances   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • Not available avatar Judy 10.02.2012 13:17
    Thank you for this very interesting presentation. Danie is one of my favorite presenters at the Networker. Thank you for all of these creative ideas in rethinking anxiety as a positive tool rather than being something to eliminate.
  • 0 avatar Merrilee Gibson 10.02.2012 22:58
    Absolutely delightful presentation, so many creative and fresh ideas. I want to learn more. Thank you so much.
  • 0 avatar Irina Bengtson 10.05.2012 14:02
    What a wonderful personality and grate way to work! thank you very much. Can't stop smyling.
  • Not available avatar Evelyn Goodman 10.05.2012 14:11
    While I agree with Danie that anxiety is often a signal of an internal conflict, I think it's important to differentiate between treating someone with anxiety and an anxiety disorder.
    I was also surprised to hear that Danie believes that the main
    reason for adolescent anxiety is guilt.
    I did like the metaphors and visuals to make a point.
  • Not available avatar Deb 10.06.2012 14:43
    Excellent metaphor examples! Thanks so much!
  • Not available avatar Tarla Curran 10.06.2012 18:43
    I could hardly stop smiling throughout her presentation. Danie is so engaged and engaging. I don't think I could duplicate her style or method, but she shows how therapy can be very different from traditional modalities and still very effective, and yes, fun! Who knew?
  • 0 avatar gabriella landman 10.06.2012 22:32
    Danie was awesome. She's unbelievably practical and down to earth and I love her props-plan to use it with my clients.
  • Not available avatar Iordana Gaytan 10.07.2012 01:21
    I was really happy with Danie's presentation and her concept of Anxiety as a "friend" who reminds us of our real self. I would love to have a bit more information of how to deal with anxiety with individuals who had traumatic experiences during childhood and therefore very ingrained fears and concepts of vulnerability.
    Merci Beaucoup!
  • 0 avatar Peter Breukers 10.08.2012 07:55
    Great presentation. I was inspired today with a social anxious client. Shame keeps him out of town, we negotiated how he would be able to get himself to go to town. Having the multi-sensory impact in mind, we role-played possible encounters (got out of my chair). As a required 'asset' my client mentioned 'rebelliousness'. As he used to be a cameraman I wondered if some picture of himself could help him to remind him of his rebelliousness. He didn't hesitate to pick his smartphone from his pocket and ask me to make a picture of him showing his middle finger! He thought the picture captured his mood very well and I had to agree. He'd use this to remind himself if he got weak in the knees and left the room with a grin from ear to ear. It was great fun and I am now thinking to practice covering three sensory modes in one session more often.
  • Not available avatar Joy Lang 10.08.2012 09:24
    Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation. I really appreciated all of the information and illustrations about how to use the information presented with clients.
  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 10.08.2012 12:07
    Energy filled Presentation. Liked the metaphors and techniques used. Thank you so much Danie Ma'am and Rich Sir.
  • Not available avatar Mary 10.08.2012 14:18
    I really enjoyed Danie's presentation. It is very true that we have too much input,distractions and things to do and not enough time to relax in our modern world. Multitasking and trying to be superman/woman is adding to the anxiety. I am expecially interested in getting more information about working with anxiety and teens or young adults. She mentioned that she will be having a new web site July 2012- Do you have this website information and could you post it?
    • Not available avatar Danie Beaulieu 10.08.2012 14:42
      Dear Mary,

      You can visit my website at www.academieimpact.com and go on the English section. Many thanks for your cheerful comments! I'm glad you enjoyed my tips!
  • Not available avatar Lynda 10.09.2012 10:42
    Wonderful presentation! Practical, meaningful techniques to add to our clinical repertoire. I am going to try the "take a breath, breath in again, breath in again" metaphor tomorrow with an anxious, depressed client who has not been able to manage taking even 10 minutes out of his day to eat lunch and not do work while doing so. I can't wait to see if this helps to help him have a breakthrough on self care. Thank you Dr. Beaulieu and Rich!
  • Not available avatar Andrew Schwartz 10.09.2012 11:47
    Loved it! One of the most practical interviews I've seen here on the Networker. Some of her perspective reminded me in an interesting way of the work of Nathaniel Branden - a real "biological," in the broadest sense, appreciation for anxiety, rather than seeing it out of context as something wrong in and of itself. More of this kind of holistic thinking in the therapy world please!
  • 0 avatar Richard Shoninger 10.13.2012 18:58
    Danie has great ideas and will help me look not just at symptoms and include what is behind those symptoms. Danie is a great presenter.
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