NP0022 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?

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The Choreography of Healing with Hedy Schleifer


Who’s Afraid of Couples Therapy?: NP0022 – Session 2

How can therapists most effectively work with emotion in the consulting room—particularly when it comes to couples therapy? Learn with internationally known couples therapist Hedy Schleifer how to help create a nourishing connection between partners, define a role as therapist-as-guide, and much more. Schleifer, who’s pioneered the training of Imago Relationship therapists internationally, will go into how to use this theory in practice and how to best work with emotions.  

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07.24.2012   Posted In: NP0022 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar VeLora Lilly 07.24.2012 13:06
    VeLora from Sam Francisco:
    I love Imago work and use it with couples however you seem to have a different spin on it. Do you use the "dialogue"? and what are the six dreams you spoke of? Thank you for an intriguing presentaion.
  • Not available avatar Joanne Loftus 07.24.2012 13:07
    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Hedy speak about the process that has evolved out of Imago. If they are willing to take up this process, I agree they will never be the same. I like your metaphors and your definition of your place in the process. Thanks for thoughtfully bringing your guidance to this forum. JL
  • Not available avatar Judy Baker LISW 07.29.2012 15:25
    Thank you so very much! I LOVE your approach, your thought process, and the framework you've created! I look fwd. to having access to the DVD you will be putting together.
    Judy Baker
  • Not available avatar Sanaa Sharnoubi, LCPC 07.31.2012 13:17
    This comment/question comes right after watching the discussion with Bill Doherty (7.31.12). I realize you were talking about the mixed agenda couple; but what do you do with a couple who come in and BOTH appear to be 'leaning-out'? Of course, the fact that they are both sitting in your office must mean that on some level they may still hope their marriage can be saved. But if they both come in distant, hopeless, and wanting out, would you also offer a course of discernment therapy before tackling their marriage? In fact, given how much personal gain/growth comes from the discernment therapy as you describe it, would it not be a useful intervention for just about all distressed couples?
  • 0 avatar dusty rivers 07.13.2016 01:22
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