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Explore the distinctive challenges of working with dissociated clients with Christine Courtois, the cofounder of The CENTER: Post-Traumatic Disorders Program in Washington, DC. In this session, you’ll learn practical methods for helping clients with dissociative disorders move beyond their patterns of avoidance so they can process their experiences of trauma, abuse, or loss.

Afterward, please let us know what you think. Do you have any questions for the presenter? What was most interesting or relevant to you? We encourage you to include your name and hometown with your comment, and to take a few minutes to read and response to other participants’ comments. As always, if you have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org.

03.07.2012   Posted In: NP0015 21st-Century Trauma Treatment   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar Edith Collin 03.07.2012 13:08
    Again, I am signed up for these sessions and am not able to get into the session.
    • 0 avatar Psychotherapy Networker 03.08.2012 10:13
      Hi Edith,
      We're so sorry to hear you've been experiencing problems. Please email support@psychotherapynetworker.org and our Support Team will help you.
  • Not available avatar Jim Kubalewski 03.07.2012 14:10
    Thank you very much for your providing this program. It was excellent. Dr. Courtois is not only skilled but very calming and this is no doubt a huge part of her effectiveness.
  • Not available avatar Gabrielle Sarfaty 03.07.2012 14:17
    This comment is really a question for Chis Courtois. How likely is a client to dissociate during an adult traumatic experience (possible PTSD)with no previous experience of dissociation? How would this present during a first session?
    Thank you for your informative presentation.
  • Not available avatar jean tracy 03.09.2012 15:12
    Thank you for offering the 'fruits of your labor' to enhance my skills in signs to look for, questions to ask, ways to work with people who have complex trauma experiences and who are 'into the void'. Very helpful. As usual, Rich, your comments and questions elevate useful info. Thanks.
  • Not available avatar Carol McDermott 03.09.2012 21:23
    Many thanks for your insights into understanding and helping your clients deal with their traumas. I was glad to hear about the age level of using dissociation as a survival technique. I find parts theory and Jungian aspects helpful to empower my clients. These webinars have been invaluable to me so thanks also to Rich for making them happen.
  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 03.11.2012 01:46
    Thank youto both Christine Ma'am and Rich Sir.
  • 0 avatar Stacey Ezersky 03.11.2012 22:18
    A million thanks for the interview w/Dr. Courtois. I came across the 1st edition of "Healing the Incest Wound" at the rape crisis agency where I work. It was tremendously helpful.Just had an opportunity to fill in for a vacationing colleague, seeing someone with DID. What an amazing and educational experience. this material will come in handy as I screen further the folks I see at the agency as many have acknowledged varying levels of dissociation. I will also seek out "Recollections" as I had not been trained in how to work with people who related having "dreams" of abuse, with limited memory/sensory input attached. Thanks again for a terrific interview and the accompanying materials.
  • Not available avatar lesley 03.12.2012 10:03
    This webinar was extremely interesting and very useful.Christine explains and illustrates her understanding and treatment of dissociation in a very user friendly way.
    I really appreciate the availability of notes and links.I have found your various series invaluable,thank you very much.
  • Not available avatar Liz Schoeberlein 03.12.2012 22:22
    Terrific series.Are serious illnesses, like Lupus, fibromyalgia, celiac, and other autoimmune disorders common with severe childhood abuse? My client has 7 self parts. Most of them have emailed me and come out in sessions, indicating their need to be heard and seen as well as trust in me. They all have names and ages. My client loses a lot of time & is very freightened, and now angry(this is growth), of these parts. This is challenging, facinating, and difficult work. In my 45 years as a therapist, this is the first DID I have known.
  • Not available avatar Magdalini 03.13.2012 10:32
    Dr. Courtois is not only very knowledgeable but also very grounded herself. Thank you for the opportunity you give me to listen to her
  • 0 avatar Amy Fleming 03.13.2012 16:19
    I enjoyed this presentation and found it very informative . I have treated DID in the past (I'm now retired) and want to know if you work with the client's systems (self-parts). I know I spent alot of time working with this in the past. Amy Fleming LCSW
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