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  • 0 P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate в†’ P004: Attachment, Session 1, Alan Sroufe 04.13.2011 11:44
    As we have come to expect, Alan has done a masterful job of presenting basic concepts of attachment with a simplicity that belies its complexity and depth. One area that did not get discussed (given time constrains it would have been impossible to do so) is the enormous importance of the discovery of disorganized attachment, and how parents with a history of unresolved trauma transmit the trauma (not invariably) to the next generation. Understanding the parents development history and circumstances is one way to not blame them. The other area that is of great utility for clinicians of what has been learned through the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), namely that coherent or incoherent narratives in the AAI predict the type of relationships parents will develop with their children. The combination of building a coherent developmental history that integrates positive with negative attachment experiences by providing a save haven and secure base to our clients is often a powerful tool for change. Thanks for a wonderful beginning

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