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  • 0 NP0015 21st-Century Trauma TreatmentNP0015, Trauma, Session 6, Diana Fosha 03.19.2012 18:48
    Hi Diana,
    This session was so rich-- I would love to watch it again and again! So many great ideas... "surprise the unconcious, sneak underneath the clients' defenses, see how what they're trying to accomplish is already there, stay with me, make the implicit explicit, undoing aloneness"-- the list goes on and on! Given that the therapeutic relationship is so important in trauma work, your model makes so much sense. I would love to "see you in action," even in a simulated situation. Do you have any videos available? I feel that this would really help me to incorporate these concepts into my work with all of my clients.

    Thank you!

  • 0 NP0015 21st-Century Trauma TreatmentNP0015, Trauma, Session 1, Mary Jo Barrett 02.14.2012 13:44
    Thank you for this very informative session. It's very interesting that the therapeutic relationship is, or should be, the opposite of clients' trauma. It is a collaboration which values and empowers them and gives them hope for a meaningful future, all of which the traumatic experience was not, especially in cases of childhood sexual or physical abuse. The aspect of strength orientation is very important, as trauma survivors often seem to diminish their strengths or feel that they're not good at anything. It is also fascinating that therapists who never touched their clients had less successful outcomes than those who did!

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