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  • 0 NP0022 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy? Taking Off the Masks: Truth-Telling in Couples Work with David Schnarch 04.03.2013 12:44
    I use attachment theory, but do not worry so much about safety - more like what you are talking about in understanding perceptions and intentions of behaviors. This concept has brought a direct understanding about how to understand and confront these perceptions and understanding. I do not think these two approaches are really in conflict.

    Thank you!
  • 0 NP0015 21st-Century Trauma TreatmentNP0015, Trauma, Session 4, Ken Hardy 05.15.2012 11:29
    Hello Ken,

    This class was helpful for me on both a personal and a professional level and I do have some questions for you. First I will give you my background as a platform to understand my questions. I am a white female counselor in private practice in a southern suburb of Chicago with 80% of my clients are black. I work with a lot of foster children, but also with adults and find I am getting adults in my practice that have been traumatized by growing in the violent gettos of Chicago - where the rate of violence is growing dramatically in recent years. I was a treatment foster mother for 10 years and have two black sons. I had one 19 hispanic son, Johnathan, who was violently murdered 7 years ago by a black/hispanic mix 21 year old man. Johnathan was stabbed 38 times and his stomach was cut open in his apartment in Chicago. He had been dealing marijuana to his college friends and the building matenance man and his nephew, Casmier, came to buy some marijuana and the Casmier was said to murder Johnathan in order to rob him. I have always thought there was more to this story than robbery or the dealing of marijuana. Others have talked about the Casmier being threatened by Johnthan since is was smart, musical, friendly, etc. Your talk about feeling disrespected and the trauma of poverty and race that is underneath this feeling hit home for a reason. I have the need to make sense of the Casmier's behavior and to do something to make an impact. I have read Perry's book: The Boy That Was Raised As A Dog, and out of all the reading I have done, the impact of family trauma has made the most sense. I have started a foundation to teach at risk kids stringed instruments to impact the violence. In therapy I do self disclose in a similar manner that you do and find that it makes a huge difference. What readings or understanding can you give me to help me process this experience?

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