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  • 0 P001 New Perspectives on Trauma TreatmentP001: The Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Web Series 10.22.2010 11:17
    There are 20 randomized controlled trials supporting the use of EMDR in the
    treatment of trauma.  It is endorsed as a front line treatment in practice
    guidelines globally, including by the American Psychiatric Association.
    Here's the link to the studies:


    As a result of her work and contributions to the field, Dr. Shapiro received the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Practice in Trauma Psychology from the American Psychological Association Trauma Division.

    I too was skeptical, but have found it to be a very powerful therapy. Because of the integrative aspect, I was able to incorporate my previous training experiences into EMDR and now self identify as an EMDR therapist. I have yet to find a clinical issue, however simple or complex, for which EMDR isn't highly relevant and effective. The Adaptive Information Processing model is a very useful guide in conceptualizing cases and though I may never get to the desensitization Phases 4-6 with clients (for a variety of reasons identified in Phase 2), both the client and I benefit from EMDR. All I can say is "seeing is believing" and I am an honored witness to miracles on a daily basis.

    Lynda Ruf, Florida

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