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  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 3, Harville Hendrix: Comment Board 02.25.2011 04:39
    I especially liked the all-too-brief overview of the later stages of the therapy. Some MBA-type clients introduced me to Steven Covey's book on couples and families and how Covey recommends couples write a mission statement for their marriage. I have used this toward the end of the therapy with good results.
    I got a better appreciation for Imago Therapy today. Sometimes I worry that it
    begins with too much of a "wounded" trauma focus. Harville ended today with a statement that not all couples need therapy. Is that because not everyone is as wounded as those who usually come for therapy?
    Lynn Pearlmutter, New Orleans, LA.
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 2, Terry Real: Comment Board 02.19.2011 04:07
    The work with grandiosity was very helpful. I agree that we see this partner very often. I am having a bit more trouble putting my arms around the other partner as usually "shamed". Calling it "pained" would work better for me. I see great linkages with your work with the grandiose partner and some of the concepts of motivational interviewing. Lynn Pearlmutter, New Orleans
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy Today & Tomorrow, Session 1 with Bill Doherty: Comment Board 02.11.2011 05:31
    Excellent. The "newest" idea I came away, that was most different from what I do, was Bill's inquiry about the couple's commitment. Usually I manage the commitment issue, in the middle of the first session, with getting them to commit to 8 sessions. I have good luck with this. I tell the couple it's not like Arthur Murray Dance Lessons. You do not have to pay for all 8 even if you do not come. Yet 8 sessions will give us a reasonable amount of time to work on more a satisfying relationship for both of you.
    I may consider revising this piece of what I do and see how using Bill's approach may improve my couples therapy.
    Lynn Pearlmutter in New Orleans

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